Monday, 30 June 2014

#181 Monday PerfecShawn

Honestly, this has been a rather wonderful long weekend.  I mean even a boring long weekend is a good long weekend, because, Long Weekend.  But this one has been amazing.

The weather has been wonderful. While sunny about 90% of the time (we had 2 or 3 momentary showers this morning) It's been hot, but no stifling high humidex like in the city. Being literally 15 feet from the lake keeps the place cool, well that and the old oak tree.  A few Summer ago when we were here the Humidex made the last 2 days really uncomfortable, but this weekend, could not have been better.

Another morning for sleeping in, and a nice diner breakfast of Bacon, Eggs, Hash Browns and Toast. Then because today is Marcel's and Peanut's Birthdays... there was a stack of cards and presents for them to open.

This afternoon, Marcel's Mom stopped by, we had some yummy Chocolate Birthday Cake and coffee. Had a lovely visit, and then went out for a short drive to a small Rose Farm, "Roses des Champs". And as amazing as the roses were, there were a few small lily/frog ponds just over-flowing with the most beautiful lilies. I've never seen so many in my life! Beautiful.

And naturally we picked up a few things in the boutique: Rose Gelée, Rose Vinegar, Rose Bath Salts, Rose Scented Candles, Rose Water and Rose Syrup. 

We're back in the coolness in the cottage now and just going to relax  for the remainder of our time here.  I hope this is a precursor of out main Summer Vacation at the end of August. (Fingers crossed)

Sunday, 29 June 2014

#180 Sunday Double Down PerfecShawn

Another Perfect day in Quebec's Eastern Townships.

Another casual morning. 

Another walk with the dogs.

And then we hit the road.  Honestly if we had just driven the back roads all afternoon it would have been a great day, but stops in Georgeville to check out a local gallery, then another stop just past Fitch Bay to visit Bleu Lavande to take in the mellow relaxing scent of Lavender and drop a few greenbacks on soaps, and teas and salts and gels, and shampoos and and and...

Then to top off the day in North Hatley to make our regular visit to the General Store for the BEST Orange Marmalade in the world, and the finish off the tour at the Pilsen Pub for a late lunch and a drink.

Then back home again to the cottage to relax.

Ah yes... the long weekend has been perfect so far...

And tomorrow is Marcel's birthday, so lots more fun to come!!!!! 

Saturday, 28 June 2014

#179 Saturday PerfecShawn

What can I say but today was perfect.

We slept in til 10, after a cool restful night's sleep.

We had a casual breakfast, then cleaned up and took the kids for a walk...  Aside from far too many little black flies in the shade, it was nice.

Then, off to visit Marcel's Mom and take her out for lunch. We hit this great little Pub/Cafe in Magog called La Shop.  They specialize in Grilled Cheese Sandwiches. We both had 'Le Petit Canard' Grilled Cheese; Rillettes de Canard, caramelized onions, cheddar and mozza. Deelish! Sally had one with Apple and Cream Cheese and Brie and Cranberries.  We now have to add another spot to our favourite food joints in the Townships.

After that, we headed back to the Cottage, and took it easy... well Marcel did,  he took a nap and I baked a cake for his Birthday (Monday)  and prepped for tonight's Pre-Birthday Dinner.   Scallops with Birch Syrup and Lime, Green Beans, and Saffron, Ginger and Garlic Rice. Again... Deelish!

And now the sun i setting, we'll mellow out a bit and finish off with some (local Quebec) Strawberry Shortcakes.

Can't wait for tomorrow!!!

Friday, 27 June 2014

#178 DestinaShawn RelaxaShawn

We have arrived. 

The weather is perfect, as are the views.

Time to slow life down and enjoy the moment.

Thursday, 26 June 2014

#177 Long Weekend DistracShawn

Day four of four...

And I'm alive.  

The old bird returns tomorrow and I leave the office at 12:30. I have a list of her mistakes for her to correct... frankly I was far too busy and more to the point I didn't want to. 

At this point I'm already checked out and looking forward to 4 days and nights at the cottage on the lake. Four days to sleep in. Four days to laze about... take leisurely walks, country road drives to no-where and back. Fireflies. Loons on the lake. And if all goes well at least one meal of Lac Brome duck. (yum) 

Long Long Weekend, here we come!

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

#176 Document Sorting CompilaShawn

Day three of four...

Exhaustion is beginning to set in. And god-forbid I did something tonight I've never done before... brought work home.

I managed to do just a little over 22 weeks of filing. Well, I didn't file from home, I brought the stack of papers hone, sorted and arranged them so that I can just put everything in the filing cabinets in a couple of minutes.

It took just a little over an hour, but just that would have taken more than 3 at the office, with people coming to my desk, clients calling and other assorted other interruptions.  Normally i try and do it once every 2 weeks, but once it gets out of hand, it's like some monster consuming your desk. And there was no way this beast was getting its due slaying with the way things have been going lately.

I'm glad did it, but hope I never have to bother doing it again. (Fingers crossed)

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

#175 Co-Worker CorrecShawns Part deux

Day two of four...

Only one error today.  Shipping a clients order ground from Dorval, QC to Abbottsford, BC is not the smartest maneuver. Especially when your client's patient is scheduled for a Tuesday morning appointment.

But don't you worry  I'll take care of everything!

Even considering that, today was still a good day. Working on June 24th in Québec = double time and a half. Cha-ching!


Monday, 23 June 2014

#174 Co-Worker CorrecShawns

Day one of four without the Coughing Queen.

Guess how many mistakes I caught of hers today?

One? Nope.

Two? Nope.

Three? Nope.

Four? Nope.

Five?  YUP!  Johnny, tell the reader what they've won...

I don't wish her any ill will, but I have a sneaking suspicion they will not let her extend her retirement date any longer. Since I started with the company in Aug of 2006, she's been saying "Next Year". Well she's has given them a specific date of next Spring (April 30 2015) and honestly I don't think they will let her continue after that, if they don't get rid of her sooner.  She's costing the company a lot of money, and this is a company that is buying no-name coffee.  The pennies have been pinched and she's been shown wanting.

Can't wait to see what I uncover tomorrow.

Sunday, 22 June 2014

#173 Hopeful MagiShawn

Presto Change O!

Well that weekend didn't feel like sticking around! Seems like I just got home from work on Friday...

Okay, I know I said on Friday that I couldn't wait til Monday got here, but WOW!  Who knew I had the power...

Hmmm I sure can't wait to win the Lottery. 


Saturday, 21 June 2014

#172 Solstice CelebraShawn

So today is the first day of Summer.  

The longest day of the year. 


Fine, all the Summer / warm weather lovers can have this day, but just be aware that starting tomorrow, the days get shorter, the nights longer, darkness begins to regain it's power.

Blessed Litha to all, and a Happy Yule to those in the southern hemisphere, where it is the first day of Winter... Lucky ducks!

Friday, 20 June 2014

#171 Office CelebraShawn

The Office Gods shone down upon me today; and they were very Generous.

There will be no Cougherella at the desk next to me next week.  Well, Mon to Thursday.  She will be there on Friday, but I'll be leaving at 12:30, so I'll manage the 3 hours.

I don't normally say this... but...


Thursday, 19 June 2014

#170 Productivity InquisiShawn

I was asked today, by management,  why my performance increases on days where I'm pulling double or triple duty (depending on who is not in the dept).

I replied, "Because I'm able to concentrate without constant back-ground questions, conversations, coughing and interruptions."

In reply to that I was told, "You're the second person to give a similar response." ... I'm not surprised.

I think they were expecting me to inquire who else said that, or why they were asking.  I'm not a fish in a pond, I ain't biting . So, why they asked, is a mystery... a mystery I don't care about solving.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

#169 Office Trials and TribulaShawns

Had a meeting with the Boss today. He spent the better part of 45 minutes complaining about his job and HIS Boss (otherwise known as the VP International) I just smiled and nodded. I swear I didn't say five words the whole time.

Glad we got to not talk about my performance.

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

#168 Blister Double ActShawn

I should have known...

I think I've only ever purchased one pair of shoes in my lifr that didn't give me blisters on the first day of wear. It's the curse of my two heel spurs.  

Usually if I but a shoe with all that extra padding around the top of the shoe I get off with very little damage. Today, not so much.

I was that uncomfortable by lunch today that I went back out and bought another pair of shoes. Luckily I found a pair with a very low 'collar' and so there was no additional blistering. (yay)

Today's purchase was a very good thing considering the Metro line was shut down during my commute home and I had to walk (fortunately only) two subway stops from home... I don't know if I would have managed with the other shoes today.

Lets hope the newer-new shoes continue to show my feet some love tomorrow.

Monday, 16 June 2014

#167 Cough, Cough, Cough RepetiShawn FrustraShawn

Coughzilla has returned.

Apparently she saw a Doctor on Friday. 
Apparently she was diagnosed with Asthma. 

Apparently she was not prescribed any Flovent or other medication, fir her, you know... Asthma.
Apparently her mucous laden cough is still as strong as ever.

Missing still.. are any gasping, wheezing, or shortness of breath, chest pain or ... you know... your classsic symptoms of Asthma.

So the entire office continues to have to put up with the the cough that wouldn't quit. 

Good times.

Sunday, 15 June 2014

#166 Father's Day.

It's tough being far away from your family on special days. Tougher still when you have a brother that is an hour away from your parents and he doesn't give a rat's ass; has no communication with his parents.

I just got off the phone with my folks. Had a nice talk with Dad. They had a good day. They went out for Brunch and a movie (from gift cards we sent).

He sounded great. Better than he has in the last couple of talks. His voice was cheery and upbeat, upbeat until he mentions not hearing from my brother, or his daughters. Personally, I've had no communication with him myself in over 5 years. After seeing how he treated our Parents a few days after our Grandmother passed. 

It's so hard hear Mom and Dad's voices go so happiness and jot, to dejection and sadness with each phone call. Their pain has dulled a little over the years, but can you ever get over the total rejection of a child? If my parent's are any example, the answer is no.

I have no respect or fond memories of my brother, it should not be hard to surmise that all in all, he's a dick.  The only positive thing I can say about him, is that he too a picture of Dad and me that I love.

I can remember the day that it was taken. In August 1977, we were on vacation on PEI, and had gone to Rainbow Valley (in Cavendish) and while on a row boat in the duck pond. My brother took Dad's camera and he took this shot.

Love you Dad.

... and I suppose thanks to my brother, for doing at lease one redeeming action in his life.

Saturday, 14 June 2014

#165 Saturday ProgresShawn

Today was a good day.

We accomplished a long standing To Do list item. Re-oranize the kitchen island. We cleaned the house. Enjoyed a little s ofa time. Played with the kids. Tidied the Balcony. Uploaded about 300 pics to the Website (in progress) 

Now it's 9pm and it's time to relax, cuddle with the kids and watch a bit of TV.

Friday, 13 June 2014

#164 Monday RepetiShawn

I mean that in the best way...

The old bird was not in office again today. And even though Fridays are as busy as Mondays, I  got so much work done. The day flew by and wham, bam, thank you ma'am it was 5pm!

Best part... no minute by minute coughing fest!

I can think of no better way to start the weekend.  

Thursday, 12 June 2014

#163 Wet Foot FrustraShawn

Not only did it rain again today; apparently we have a mischievous elf in the house that managed to put a hole in not one, but both of my shoes. 

Yesterday everything was fine. No wet feet yesterday.

Today, however I may as well have walked bare foot in the St-Lawrence.

Yay... shoe shopping. Meh.

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

#162 Cough Cough CongestShawn

So sickie came into the office  again today.  Coughing up bits and pieces of her lungs all over the place.

After most of last week, that yesterday and today I had enough. Not only is she likely infecting the whole office, her coughing (and I'm not exaggerating when I say non-stop coughing) was rattling my sanity. 

Enough is enough. I'm tired of people coming into the office sick.  

I went to see the boss and HR. I pointed out that she really ought not be in the office - which is true. She sounds like death is rattling 'round her lungs. The boss went to see her and she managed to suppress her coughing for about five minutes. The moment he walked out of the call center she damn near passed out. 

HR is insisting that she see a Dr and she stays home until she comes in with a note indicating she's seen a Dr and they give their approval for her to be in the office. 

She went on and on about how the clinic she goes to doesn't take appointments and it's first come, first serve and she can never manage to be seen by a Dr (No shit Sherlock! That's what she's cough coughing on death's door.) Not good enough. I googled CLSC and her neighbourhood and gave her the number.  They made her call right away and she now has an appointment for Friday Morning.

Honestly, the entire office had to gang up on her to get her to see a Dr. Why do people rather gamble with their health than see a Dr.  Pisses me off.

On the plus side now I'll have the next two days Cough-Free and be able to get things done. She gets her lungs looked at and I get some peach and quiet... Win Win.

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

#161 Worktime FrustraShawn

Remember how much work I said I got done yesterday, when I was all alone?  Yes, well, lightning did not strike twice.

What did strike was shit to the fan. Monkey wrench in the machine.  

And by that I mean the co-worker returned.

Oh my god! Why couldn't she have stayed home again today?

Monday, 9 June 2014

#160 Monday TeleportaShawn

I woke up this morning, washed, got dressed and made my way to work.

A few minutes later I arrived back at home.

I have circled my day like a goldfish courses around the little purple castle in it's bowl.

In reality, somehow, in between leaving and returning home, I did the work of three people; myself, my co-worker (who called in sick) and the A/R person whom I cover on Fridays and Mondays. I took care of the follow-up of 11 clients that had issues on the weekend. Processed 5 reports. Handled all the incoming orders. Programmed a new cell phone for the office, with 57 contacts / 98 phone numbers.

Any yet, with all of that I had a great day and I don't feel like I did nearly the work I did, nor was gone as long as I usually am.

...not a bad way for start the work week.

Sunday, 8 June 2014

#159 PronunciaShawn

Rule of thumb:

If you cannot pronounce:

...maybe, just maybe, you shouldn't have your own cooking show on TV.

Saturday, 7 June 2014

#158 Cliche AdapShawn

Some might say that...

Happiness is a Warm Puppy.

But I can assure you...

Happiness is a Cooled House.

Friday, 6 June 2014

#157 Air CondiShawn

Oh the irony!

Here we've been waiting literally for more than 6 weeks to be able to install our Air Conditioner. The new window arrives today and then the high today was 24'C  AND it's going down to 14'C tonight!

... no need for the AC.

I'm kinda glad that tomorrow and Sunday the temp is supposed to go up 27 or 28'C (plus humidity)

Fingers crossed, we have a sweltering weekend!

Thursday, 5 June 2014

#156 News Sensory ExhausShawn

More and more, I want to watch / read, less and less of the News. 

More and more, I am less and less impressed with our species.

Mass shootings in schools, in peaceful neighbourhoods. 

Children premeditating the murder of a ‘friend’ to be with a fictional character.

Pretty much anything Municipal, Provincial, Federal or International on Politics.

Mass kidnappings of school girls, forcing them into arranged marriages, in the name of religion.

Civil wars, pretty much the globe ‘round.

Systemic homophobia, misogyny, racism.

Mistreatment of those most vulnerable in society (elderly, military veterans, children, disabled) 

Anything Kardashian / Beiber / Lohan <insert media addicted celebrity here>.

Animal cruelty. 

Still debating thinks like Gun Control, Climate Change, Who has the Right to Marry, etc in 2014.

It’s just exhausting, and thoroughly depressing. 

I need a break.

Maybe ignorance is bliss. Let's find out.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

#155 Lessons from an Emergency EvacuaShawn

Normally I despise the semi annual fire-drills at the office. Most days I have more than enough to do, without the wasted half hour it takes from start to finish.  

But today, today was different.  It was sunny, 18'C with a very pleasant breeze. Naturally there were a few complainers from the office, "It's so cold", "Why didn't I take my jacket?", "I can't believe she took her purse. You're not supposed to."

First of all; it was GORGEOUS OUT, not cold. Secondly; you could have easily have taken your coat, it was on the coat rack, right - beside - the - door. And finally; I would assume she kept her purse on the back of her chair, or on her desk. It's not like she had to go up two flights to get it.

Personally I keep my satchel on the back of my chair, and I took it with me. Sorry but it's not a waste of time for me to grab it as I stand up from my chair, and as it contains my tablet, glucometer and meds. You never know if the fire alarm is real or not and I'm not going to be without, and not risking not getting them back. This is also the reason  why my coat (when I wear one is hung on the back of my chair. and my winter boots stored under my desk. Because I'm not an idiot.

Don't be a bitch because you're an idiot and don't have a clue. Be a bitch because no one in the office likes you.

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

#154 Weather AppreciaShawn

With thunder showers comes lower humidity and temperatures.

Tonight we shall sleep like contented children on Christmas night.

Thank you weather gods.

Monday, 2 June 2014

#153 Movie QuotaShawn

"I'm melting! Melting!"

Okay, so I know it's not even Summer yet. But last year we had the AC going by May.   But due to a necessity of a new window needing to be installed, we haven't been able to install the AC unit yet.  It's a custom fit window so we've been waiting for it to be delivered and to replace the existing one.

Good news, it will arrive on Friday.

Bad news, the weather hit 29'C with 35'C humidex.  And the low tonight is only going to be 22'C.

Screw you, Dorothy!

Sunday, 1 June 2014

#152 Family RelaShawns

Well today was a change from the regular.

It's not often that we go out to eat, mostly because we tend to be great cooks (humble pie, anyone?). Let me re-phrase that. I'm a good cook, Marcel is an amazing cook! So, we don't go out often, but when we do it's generally for one of two reasons:
-Special Occasion (Birthday, Anniversary, Winning the Lotto)
-Out of Town Visitors. 

Today was  for the latter.

My Cousin Janet, her husband Jeff and son Ryan were in town for the weekend from Toronto.  They took a spur of the moment, a spontaneous get-a-way and came to Mtl.

Now I say family, really we're family by marriage only.  She is the step-daughter of one of my Uncles. Her mother was a widow when she met my Uncle and so when they married, he had an instant family.  The fun bit of this is that when they married my Aunt already had that same family name. Her first husband was an Ellis as well. It's not often I get a chance to interact with mine, given the small size, distance between and, well, a jerk brother who shall remain nameless. At any rate, when it comes to Family, mine is very small and so Family she is, and Family she remains.

We met them today for lunch. Breakfast Poutines at l'Oeufrier. So delicious. So so delicious. I mean Poutine, am I right?!  Add breakfast necessities like bacon, ham, or merguez, or in my case three cheeses: Cheddar, Swiss and Brie... I mean c'mon.  I tried so hard to eat at calmly. It didn't happen. I was still done a good 5 minutes before anyone else.

It's been nearly a year since we were last there...  Here's hoping someone else comes to visit soon!