Friday, 19 December 2014

#353 AdoptShawn

6 years ago today I was rescued by a 1.5 lb Chihuahua. I found him after volunteering at the SPCA in Montreal. It was instant Love.

I say *I* was rescued because to be honest, he healed my  heart. I was in a relationship that a few months later would dissolve after revealing itself to have been nothing but one lie after another, but this little guy (Santiago-de-Montréal) showed me that I could be loved, unconditionally, purely, so deeply; and that it was within my being to send that love back.

We often look for things in life to fill voids, food, drink, drugs, material things. These just leave more holes.

I decided that day I wanted to give something a better chance at life, give him a life beyond the crowded create he had spent the first 18 months of his life in, horribly mistreated in a puppy mill. What I didn’t know then was that in taking him into my life, he would do more for me than I could ever do for him.

Love for the small things. Love for the 4-legged things. Love for the sake of Love.

Now, years later I still have this little nugget of furry love in my life, and he helped me find another deep and true and lasting love with my Partner Marcel…  and months after I met Marcel he was rescued by a dog as well; Peanut.

We’re not your typical definition of a Family, but I’ll tell you this, you’ll be hard pressed to find another family as full of love (and a crowded bed), as ours.

If you ever think about getting a cat or dog, or other pet, please consider having your soul saved too; adopt, don’t shop.

The reward of that one small act, will impact you in ways your heart and soul could never dream be real.

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